Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management

Element 4.3 Provide effective instructional feedback for skill acquisition, student learning, and motivation.

Date: Fall 2011


During Basics of Effective Instruction in Physical Education (EDU 255), I have learned many things in how to provide feedback to students in order for them to become better movers.  After lab d, my Zumba lab, I completed both a feedback analysis form as well as a content development form.  The feedback analysis form that I filled out after watching myself teach I was able to see what kind of feedback I was giving to the students.  Such feedback as general feedback or congruent feedback.  It is important to get in as much congruent and specific as possible in order to have your students to have the best skills they can possibly have for that sport you are teaching.  Also I filled out a content development form to track what I say about the motor skills that I was teaching in my Zumba lesson as well.  It shows whether I was informing the class about the tasks, teaching the cues, or by seeing how well they can apply the skills by asking them to challenge themselves.  Both of these forms help me see what I am doing as a teacher and what I can improve on as I grow as a teacher.    


Feedback Analysis Form
Content Development